Ladder Co. 3 - 1947 Ward LaFrance

Our 1947 Ward LaFrance was an open cab ladder-carrying truck and served as Ladder 3. She featured a four-speed standard drive paired with a straight six Waukesha engine. She boasted a 550 gpm water pump, 300 gallon water tank, and carried a full complement of ground ladders. The apparatus saw service with DFD from 1947 to 1971, when we acquired our first stretching piece - Tower Ladder 43.

Following retirement, the apparatus was sold to Washington, VT.

Truck Details

  • Type: 1947 Ward LaFrance
  • In Service: 1947 - 1971
  • Assignments: Structure Fires
  • Equipment: 550gpm pump, 300gal water tank
  • Carried: Ground Ladders