Tanker Co. 5 - 1964 International Amthor

Originally acquired as DFD's Rescue apparatus, in 1974 we asked Curran-Waring in Norwalk, CT to manufacture DFD a water tank. She was retired as Rescue 4 and prepared for service as Tanker 45. We mounted the water tank to the chassis of this 1964 International Amthor, now capable of transporting 1,500 gallons of critical water supply. The old boxes from the rear body of Rescue 4 were removed and sold to a small excavating company for tool storage. The chassis was reused, having been rebuilt to support our 1,500 gal tank under the direction of past-Chief Dunn.

Following years of service as Tanker 45, the apparatus continued to serve in DFD's fleet as our high-water truck; she performed admirably during many floods into the 1980's.

Truck Details