Engine Co. 2 - 1964 Mack

This 1964 Mack replaced the closed-cab 1937 Ahrens Fox. Serving as Engine 2, she was a standard shift, C-cab pumper engine.

The Mack featured a 1,000 gpm pump, 500 gal booster tank with two booster reels each holding 200 ft of hose apiece. The apparatus saw heavy use particularly for brush fires due to open burning in the state being allowed at the time, and freight trains which would light the train tracks on fire.

Truck Details

  • Type: 1964 Mack pumper, C-cab
  • In Service: 1964 - 1984
  • Assignments: All Incidents
  • Pump: 1,000 GPM
  • Booster Hose: 2 reels, 200ft/ea